John Sinclair – Demonhunter 01 – Curse of the Undead

There are so many ways a person can die. Sooner or later, everyone’s number is up, and no one comes back … or do they?

On a cold November night, a grieving father picks up his hunting rifle and shoots his only daughter in the head. The police are mystified. Why was the girl even at the house? Why wasn’t she at the mortuary … awaiting her burial? After all, Mary Winston had been declared dead two days before. The incident is only the first in a series of mysterious attacks in the small Scottish town of Middlesbury. Dead bodies go missing. A cemetery caretaker is devoured alive. An ancient curse is about to be unleashed … Detective Chief Inspector John Sinclair works for Scotland Yard’s Special Division, an elite unit that deals with extraordinary cases. DCI Sinclair is a battle-hardened veteran of Afghanistan, a man haunted by the past. But nothing could have prepared him for the horrors he’s about to face. He goes to Scotland to investigate the gruesome murders but what he finds is a town in the grip of fear. The people of Middlesbury are harboring a secret. A secret that is about to explode …

TrennstrichAuf meinem Weg zum „Ende“ mache ich nun einen kleinen Zwischenstop in einem anderen Land, zumindest akustisch.

Lübbe/Bastei hatte vor geraumer Zeit bereits angekündigt, man würde sich international ein wenig präsenter aufstellen und dies insbesondere mit John Sinclair tun. Da der Oberinspektor, oder auch DCI, des Scotland Yard immer noch das Flagschiff des Verlages ist, in geduckter wie auch Hörbuch- und Hörspiel-Verwertung, liegt es natürlich nahe eine fremdsprachige Umsetzung der deutschen Produktionen mit ihm zu beginnen.