We’re Alive: Lockdown… Kickstarter Kampagne gestartet!

Von 2010 bis 2014 lief die englische Podcast-Serie „We´re alive“ kostenlos als Download über die eigene Webseite. Doch sind noch nicht alle Geschichten erzählt und da man „größere“ Wege beschreiten möchte, eröffnete man diesen Kickstarter. Ich bin bereits mit von der Partie…

A standalone/companion mini-series to the original story of „We’re Alive“. 5+ hours of full sound-designed audio drama entertainment.

„Our Kickstarter is live and it’s hit the ground running! Check out our campaign page to see what all the fuss is about and help us raise funds for our next audio drama story, Lockdown. You could even be a character in the story!“

Lockdown follows a small group of inmates and guards trapped inside a section of Twin Towers Jail, in L.A. As the dichotomy of the guard/inmate relationship continues to break down, they are forced to work together and find a way to escape while the rest of the world ends around them. Everything is made worse with the discovery that much of the prison population has developed a sickness that makes them violent and deranged; inhuman. The story is written and designed to be an audio drama, a thrilling adventure in the theater of the mind that will take full advantage of Foley and original musical accompaniment to create a unique world for the listener.