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The Beacon

The Beacon is an urban fantasy audio drama. It follows hapless college student Bee as she finds herself in possession of the magical ability to create fire and the target of a giant wolf monster – both things that should not exist. Bee tells her story on The Beacon podcast in an attempt to find others like herself who can help defeat the monster, but she quickly learns that there can be danger in numbers, as well as strength.

Hidden Harbor Mysteries

Hidden Harbor, a small city with big problems. The criminal element strikes by night and blends into the population by day. One woman has the guts and the power to stand up to the enemies of Hidden Harbor, both foreign and domestic.

Hidden Harbor Mysteries is a recreation of a Golden-Age style radio drama serial presented for modern audiences. Hidden Harbor Mysteries is a Bryan Lincoln production created and Written by Jay Smith. Produced under Creative Commons License by Jay Smith and Bryan Lincoln.



Tamara Tracer has a past she is hoping to hide. She is known as ‘Tracy Tanner’ to the residents of Hemlock, and they have no idea who she really is or what she has done. Their quiet librarian is, in fact, a woman with very incredible powers. Tamara’s desire to keep her past locked away are challenged when an unwelcome stranger threatens Hemlock.

Red Rhino

Red Rhino is about teenaged Wes Whittaker who gets superpowers… that are really lame. On top of that, he’s meets Evangeline, who insists that this is his last timeline, his last chance to save his friends and family… before the timeline collapses and all will be lost.


“Something is coming to New Ark City, and whatever it is, it is mysterious and potentially deadly. One hero and his team stands between this oncoming danger and the citizens he has sworn to protect. And they call him: RedWing.“

Super Ordinary

Super Ordinary is an audio drama about a young woman who finds out she has super powers. The only problem? They’re connected to her panic attacks. An exploration of super powers and mental health, this immersive narrative podcast is a deeply personal look at how we deal with the hard parts of ourselves and those around us. Created by Marissa Tandon, featuring the vocal talents of Miya Kodama, Lauren Bradley, Eli Barraza, Danielle Shemaiah, Briggon Snow, Julia Morizawa, and more. Meet our cast and crew below, or start listening.

Wolverine – The long Night

Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate. They soon find there’s more going on than meets the eye.

The first scripted podcast from Marvel, starring Celia Keenan-Bolger and Ato Essandoh as Agents Pierce and Marshall, with Richard Armitage as Wolverine. Also featuring Scott Adsit, Bob Balaban, Zoe Chao, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and Brian Stokes Mitchell.

Thomas Rippert

Geboren 1966 in Solingen, interessiere ich mich seit frühster Jugend für Bücher, Comics, Filme, Hörspiele, Musik und alle anderen Medien, welche zur Unterhaltung dienen können.

Ich lebe seit 2007 in Hannover - einer Stadt, welche viele Möglichkeiten zum Ausleben des Hobby anbietet.

Kommentare zu konsumierten Medien verfasse ich seit 2007, mal mehr, mal weniger intensiv.